Uniforms & Books

All students from Kindergarten to Level 12 wear school uniforms. The Shop on Level 1 of Universal School Kemayoran stocks the full range of school clothing, including sportswear, socks, badges, accessories and house shirts. School shoes are not sold in the Shop.

The Shop is open every day during term time and prior to the start of each academic year. The Shop also sells textbooks and a range of stationery and school-related items.

School Supplies Shop, Universal School Kemayoran
Location: Location: Level 1, Located opposite the Principal’s Office
Telephone: +6221-6542654

Opening Hours
Monday - Fridays: 07:30 - 15:00
Saturdays: 08:00 - 12:00

Food Services

At Universal School, we promote healthy eating and are committed to the physical wellbeing of our students. The school’s caterer designs balanced and nutritious menus with a range of Western and Asian food available. Given the climate in Indonesia students are also encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

There are several canteens throughout the school that are open from Monday to Saturday. Students can sign up for a catering plan whereby their meals are delivered to them in their respective classrooms during their lunch breaks.

Transport Services

Universal School has a contracted transport service provider.

To arrange transportation services or for additional information, please contact:

Student Support Office - Universal School

Telephone: +6221-6542654
Email: admin@universalschool.id


Our school house system encourages students to push for the best in themselves and their classmates. As a member of a School House, your child will learn to embrace challenges and work in collaboration with others to set and reach goals.

Each student is assigned to a School House. Special House days, Social, Sporting events and competitions throughout the year focus on team building and relationships, creating bonds across age groups and a sense of continuity. These occasions also provide opportunities for leadership and responsibility, perhaps as House Captain, Team Leader or a Role Model.

Develop Skills
Beyond the Classroom

Student Leaders

At Universal, we strive to enrich the whole student, giving opportunities to develop life skills beyond the classroom so that our students will be in a better position to contribute meaningfully to the wider community when they leave school. Part of this process is to encourage an ethos of distributed leadership where students get the chance to take on roles of responsibility within the school.

The Student Council is made up of the Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captains and House Prefects. The members of the Student Council work together as a team to uphold the rules and regulations of the school and help to maintain discipline. The Student Council also meets regularly and organizes key academic, cultural and sporting events throughout the academic year. They are also ambassadors for the school and represent Universal at events held outside the school. Through their work they learn the importance of leadership, team work, responsibility, integrity and stewardship. TheStudent Council is the first step towards our goal of creating future leaders and responsible global citizens.

Coaching Lessons

Universal School provides coaching classes throughout the academic year. These coaching classes are specially organized and tailored for students who require additional guidance in specific subjects. Such students must make it a point to attend such classes and benefit from it.Coaching lessons are conducted after the last period and incur additional fees.

To enroll your child in a coaching class, please contact:

Student Support Office, Universal School

Telephone: +6221-6542654
Fax: +6221-6542655
Email: admin@universalschool.id

Coaching Tailored
For Students

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