Outside the classroom

At Universal, we hold a strong belief in the value of learning beyond the classroom. The development of the child as a whole is paramount and we recognise that different students are motivated by different experiences.

As students progress at Universal School, they are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities that are on offer from the Arts, Sports and Extra-Curricular activities after school to guided field trips and excursion trips.

The Arts

Universal has a thriving, vibrant and energetic Arts programme which plays an important part in school life. From Nursery to Level 12, there are many opportunities for students to experience Music, Theatre, Dance and Art to facilitate creative, social and intellectual development.

Throughout the year, there are some very high-quality Ensembles, Recitals, Performances and Exhibitions. Universal School produces an Annual Play that never fails to earn rave reviews. Our students are inspired by specialist teachers and, very often, each other. Our facilities include an Auditorium, a Gymnastics studio, an Art Department and a Music Department.


Sport is an integral part of Universal School's curriculum. Our goal is to involve, excite and motivate our students to participate in Sports. We offer a vibrant and exciting programme from Nursery through to Level 12. We are fortunate to have excellent Sporting facilities which enable us to provide a wide range of competitive and non-competitive events throughout the year.

We encourage maximum participation, individual aspiration, squad achievement and personal excellence. Athletics, Basketball, Swimming, Football, Badminton and Table Tennis are all established activities that have well-developed training programmes in place.

Universal hosts an annual Sports Day to promote student and school activities which provide and encourage opportunities for healthy competition, pursuit of excellence, social and cultural interaction and the development of friendships.

Extra Curricular Activities

Clubs and the Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) programme at Universal School aims to deliver enjoyment, challenge, progression and breadth of experience to our students.They provide children with opportunities to pursue a range of interests by developing existing talents or learning something new. In addition to recreational choices, the programme enables children to try out and engage in competitive activities. The programme enhances the development of the students’ independence by encouraging them to make choices and organise their time, as well as teaching important lessons associated with trying out for selective sports squads or music ensembles.


Dear Parents,

Universal School is happy to announce that we will be launching an exclusive extracurricular activities program called LEAP.


In this booklet, you will find a brief overview of each of our programs. Our programs are comprehensive and cover a broad spectrum of activities ranging from Sports, Cooking, Music, Languages, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to the Arts. All programs will be taught by experienced professionals and experts in their respective fields. We are dedicated in providing our students with the highest quality of training and expertise to ensure they develop holistically as accomplished all-rounders.

Students who participate in the LEAP Program will:

  • Improve their confidence and self-esteem
  • Explore their creativity and innovate effectively
  • Pursue existing passions and discover new diverse passions and hobbies
  • Acquire life-long valuable skills and foster their talent
  • Learn time management and prioritization of tasks
  • Make a contribution
  • Build solid relationship and communication skills
  • Involvement in LEAP will look great on College Applications
  • Improve their mental, emotional and physical health

The LEAP Program will be launched in January 2016. We look forward to an exciting semester of wonderful and enriching programs.

Please view all programs in the LEAP Booklet

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