Covid-19 Update : 14 Mar 2020 (English)

by Admin | 08 November 2020

Dear Parents,


In light of COVID-19’s global outbreak, we have been prudently monitoring the COVID-19 situation and stringent screening is being conducted around the clock on all our students and staff.

As per the decision made by the Governor of DKI Jakarta, school will be closed from 16-31 March 2020.

The Universal School management feels it is our responsibility to be proactive, follow social distancing measures and ask students to stay home. 

Transition to Home Learning:

Monday, 16 March School will be closed

Thursday, 19 March

Tuesday, 31 March

Home learning will be conducted online through our Learning Management System (LMS)

Wednesday, 1 April School reopens


You can call us at 021-6542654 or email us at for any concerns.

Home Learning (LMS): Your child’s class teacher will contact you on Monday, 16 March with guidelines and your child’s username and password to access the LMS.

Books left behind in classrooms: Books left behind can be collected from Tuesday 17 March onwards. Contact the Receptionist/ your Class Teacher regarding this. Please do not come to school to collect it as we do not want a crowd gathered for health reasons.

Reopening: We reopen for students on Wednesday, 1 April 2020. We will be monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and if we need to delay the reopening date we will update you of this by 30th March 2020.  Important announcements are usually sent out to your mobile via a SMS broadcast.

Updates: We will be posting updates and health related information for your child’s benefit on and via the COVID-19 section of the Learning Management System.

Health Alert Card: Before we re-open all parents must submit a NEW Health Alert card (attached with this circular) outlining the health and travel history of all members of the student’s family. This must be:

  • Emailed to us by 12 pm on 31st March 2020
  • Submitted virtually via the COVID-19 section of the Learning Management System.

Without submitting the Health Alert Card, your child will not be permitted back in school. You can also download the Health Alert Card via:

Coaching: All coaching classes have been suspended till Wednesday, 1 April 2020. If you would like a refund on the coaching amount paid, kindly call us at 021-6542654 (Extension: 204) and speak to Ms. Esti/ Ms. Mala. They will arrange for the amount to be transferred to you.

Re-tests: For all students who were asked to stay home last week and missed their tests as a result, re-tests will be conducted when school reopens. Their Report Cards will be updated after the re-test.

Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM): Our PTM for March 2020 has been cancelled.

Report Cards: Report Cards will be handed out to students once school reopens.

Absences: All students who missed school in the last two weeks due to COVID-19 precautions will not be marked as absent in their report cards.

Events: The Kindergarten concert and High School graduation will be rescheduled.

Guidelines for the next two weeks:

  • We sincerely request you to stay away from all crowded areas such as malls, restaurants, cinemas, gyms, sporting stadiums and other such areas. Please keep your child away from coaching centers/ stadiums or any group activities. Our main reason for asking children to stay home is to minimize their contact with others.
  • We also advise you to stick to home-cooked meals to protect your child’s immunity
  • We also request you stay away from visiting clinics and hospitals. If you do happen to visit one, please disclose this in the Health Alert Cards
  • We strongly recommend avoiding travel. We will continue to enforce the 14 day quarantine period for all students who have travelled/ whose parent(s) have travelled.

Ujian Nasional (UN): For the Ujian Nasional (SD 6/SMP 3/SMA 3 & Level 6/9/12), we will update you on the latest schedule

Level 12:  The remaining examinations for your Mock Examinations will be conducted once the school reopens.

SMP 3/ SMA 3 / Level 9 / Level 12: Regarding, examinations that were scheduled on 30 March and 31 March, we will update you shortly.

You can call us at 021-6542654 or email us at for any concerns.  We will be responding to emails from 9 am to 7 pm daily to address your concerns.

Thank you very much for your attention and co-operation. We will be updating you frequently about any changes due to COVID-19.

We wish you and your child good health. Stay in touch and stay safe.


Thank you

Principal’s Office


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